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GT4V: Case Study


GT4V technology puts client in pole position…

The automotive manufacturing industry is complex and dynamic, with manufacturing and supply chains spanning the globe and fluxing at the whim of economic climate.

Vehicle manufacturers find themselves having to keep operating costs tight, productivity high and risk low; all whilst maintaining enough inventory to respond when the economy is buoyant and demand increases.

A&S Tooling are part of the automotive supply chain, supplying tooling for a client who manufactures components for automotives. Due to the nature of the industry, the name of the client needs to remain confidential, however their story will resonate with other manufacturers, so whilst we can’t reveal their name, we can explain how we help them streamline their costs as well as optimising performance.

automotive production
automotive parts manufacture

The Challenge

Due to the repetitive nature of the component manufacturing process, the client requires exceedingly high volumes of a particular, standard Flute Endmill.

The automotive industry demands, of course, precision tooling. Quality is paramount, quantity is required, inventories need to be balanced, prices controlled and turnaround times must meet fluctuating manufacturing demand.

The Solution

The automotive component manufacturer chose to utilise GT4V tooling, formed from submicron grain solid carbide and featuring a multilayer Nano composite TiSiN.

The GT4V is A&S Tooling’s very own range, providing exceptional performance. The tools are designed to give outstanding results on hard and abrasive components as well as on titanium and exotic alloys.

GT4V tooling
GT4V range

The Outcome

“The GT4V tool is incredibly durable. It lasts 4 times longer than the previous tooling we were using. The net result is that we require far less tools, which is incredibly cost effective and efficient.” Automotive supply chain client.

The client has found that there are multiple benefits of GT4V tooling as well as the increased tool life, the performance is optimised due to minimum tool deflection and an improved surface finish.

They are also delighted because A&S Tooling are so confident of the quality and longevity of the tools, we can offer them a discount on our already cost effective regrinding price, because they don’t need regrinding as often. For further details about our Regrinding Service please click here.

“Thank you A&S Tooling for the efficient and reliable service.”

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